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 How to maintain MEWANT Steering Wheel Covers & Gear Shift Knob Covers & Handbrake Covers?

 How to maintain Mewant Leather(genuine leather & artificial leather) covers?

◆Remove all that dirt and grime from the surface. Take a damp cotton cloth and ad a dab of leather cleaner and then gently wash the leather. Be gentle. You do not need to rub it in hard and instead just gently bathe the leather. After rinsing that cotton cloth you used with a little water, wipe away the excess cleaner before proceeding to dry it off with a soft towel.

◆The next thing you need to do is replenish the oils in the leather in order to maintain that soft, flexible, and durable feeling. For this, you use a leather conditioner. Now here’s the trick: the best tool/material for applying conditioner is … your bare hands. Use a dime-sized amount of conditioner into the palm of your hand, and gently massage it into the leather for a minute or so. If the conditioner is doing its job it may even end up softening your hands at the same time. Then allow the oils in the conditioner to be absorbed into the leather for about 30 minutes before rubbing away excess material with a clean towel. 

How to maintain MEWANT suede? 


In order to preserve the beauty of the cover, It is recommended that regular cleaning is carried out. Don’t rub too vigorously, and we don’t recommend using steam machines.


It is sufficient to dust cover, using a soft brush, a dry cloth, or a vacuum cleaner. 


After having dusted cover, run a slightly moistened white cotton cloth over it. Avoid the use of printed absorbent cloths/papers as they can release ink onto the material.


If the upholstery is removable, it is recommended that you wash it in a washing-machine, following the instructions below(general washing instructions).

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